Cancer does not define you, but how you live and fight with cancer DOES define you!


It is not enough to fight. It is the spirit which we bring to the fight that decides the outcome.


Supporting the Fighters, Admiring the Survivors, Honoring the Taken, and NEVER EVER Giving Up Hope!

What We Do:

There is no strength without unity. For our “THE KNOCKOUT” Breast Cancer Photo shoot event, we will be inviting women and men to “Pose for the Cause.”

Sadly, there is still no known cure for cancer. So, our best strategy for fighting this killer disease is early detection. The faster we find it, the sooner we can conquer it. So how can we reach a wide audience and emphasize the importance of “sooner than later”? KO Breast Cancer plans to build awareness by having women, as well as men pose similarly to the woman in my painting. Standing strong, topless, and wearing nothing but pink boxing gloves to protect their bare breasts from this enemy, cancer. Why boxing gloves? Because it’s time to fight! Not only fight, but whoop cancer’s butt! I’m talkin’ KNOCKOUT!

After the event, all the participants’ photos will be added to a collage of my original image, “Fight Against Breast Cancer”. Each and every woman that poses for the cause will be included in KO’s collage of the woman in the painting. Our goal is to do these photo shoot events annually, in different cities so that we can add more women to our collage of fighters. The more fighters KO Breast Cancer has, the better our chances are for defeating this disease. There is no strength without unity. It is our goal for KO Breast Cancer to be a name known nationwide. And, the image that represents this organization will impact supporters now and for years to come.

The funds raised at the KO Photo Shoots will be utilized to assist those who do not have access to quality breast health care. We would also like to help breast cancer patients and survivors regain their sense of self-confidence by providing bras, wigs, and other resources to those lacking financial advantages. If we can contribute monetary, educational, as well as emotional support, and especially save lives with our mission, then we have accomplished our goal.

Join the Fight:

All ethnicities, shapes, sizes, and women eighteen and over are welcome to participate. This event will be open to the public. There will be professional photographers shooting the photos. There will also be make-up artists and hair stylists on the set for any women who would like to be “dolled up” for their shoot.

Solo shots will be available, along with group shots for those who are more comfortable posing with family and/or friends. Throughout the day, there will be food, music, live performances, guest speakers, celebrity appearances, contests, raffles, and tables set up for purchasing breast cancer merchandise.

This is not only a photo shoot, but a celebration! A celebration of life! Again, our focus is to support the fighters, admire the survivors, while honoring the taken, and fortunately gaining awareness and educating people in the process.